Development plan

Development plan


How to work as a responsible company? How can we as a restaurant carry our weight in in being environmentally aware and what are the things that we can make or do better in order to be more responsible? Every individual has a responsibility as a consumer and these days it`s also important to take this into consideration in business operations.

We have a restaurant and a wine & beer cellar (bar) down town Lappeenranta. Our 50 seat restaurant operates all-year-round serving lunch and dinner. Our cellar is open only on Fridays and Saturdays during winter time and from Wednesday to Saturday during summer. Cellar has only 30 seats inside but our joined courtyard (with our restaurant) can hold up to 100 customers.

Our restaurant operates in an old museum building which helps the city to maintain it (rather than it being vacant). There are only a few hundreds of years old wooden buildings in Lappeenranta, therefore it is our privilege to run an operation in such a historical place. Now and in the future, you can see cultural history of the place and with our actions as a restaurant we can cherish and promote it further on.

We strive to use local ingridients as much as possible. Fish comes from local fishermen, berries, herbs and mushroom comes straight from the nature. This is a great start but we hope to utilize more of our local producers such as farmers and growers.

We collaborate with our local entrepreneurs. We fill our season events with local artists, we order our beverages from local and Finnish producers to name a few. In 2018, when our restaurant turned 20, we made a special coffee blend with our local coffee roastery Lehmus and our local Brewery Tuju brewed us a celebrational beer. Also, when it was time to restore our restaurant units, we of course used the skills of our local carpenter JonaCap. Collaboration with these and other local entrepreneuers continues.